losing it

under 130 lbs, and being 5’10″… what is happening to me?

at first glance, the answer is quite simple:  i’m not eating enough.  but my appetite hasn’t been more ravenous than it is right now, right?  okay, so maybe i’m going from eating at a terminally ill man’s pace to that of one merely starving all the time, and my neurochemistry is so jacked up to the point that I can’t tell anymore what a truly ‘good’ meal is.  idk.

in other news,

i wonder how best to share these video games on the internets.  don’t really feel like paying for cloud storage, knaamean?  dat poverty lyfe.  prolly bittorrent, i guess.  bigger social reach too, i s’pose.

lately i’ve been reminiscing a hell of a lot about life thus far… maybe there’s something to that whole return of saturn thing.  feels like i’m on an equal footing with everyone, so to speak.  yet, having much more respect for those that have come before… and more respect for those that are to come.  no respect for those my on age, jejejejeje.