the beautiful struggle

I remember at one point of my life obsessing over the idea of life being centered around the concept to avoiding pain as much as possible… to the point of neglecting to see how those painful moments could make me stronger.

Learning from your mistakes seems to be quite… underrated, in my opinion. So much emphasis on not fucking up the first time would make most not even wanna try to do new things, I think.

So today, we got snowed in. And I stayed indoors. Tried streaming on Twitch, but Open Broadcaster Software is acting weird. And maybe, just maybe, this CPU isn’t adequate for what I’m trying to pull off. a FX 6300, to be precise. Stands to reason that most people recommend Intel processors for the fact that ‘they simply work.’

The next few days will be… interesting, to say the least. The mantra that I’m trying to abide by is the term “sustainability”, and we’ll see that play out quite profoundly over the next few… weeks, at least.