that bloke on the podium doesn’t know what the fuck he/she’s talking about

disclaimer:  now, god forbid this is read by certain people who personally know me; this isn’t leveled at anyone in particular.  but if you feel a way about it, please come see me.  being on antidepressants, i can be a bit more candid than I was before and we can clear the air.

having that out of the way,

I have problems with… feeling upset.  angry, even.  I am able to catch myself better nowadays before it gets out of hand, and ask myself “why?”  why the fuck am I so mad?

it’s not even about what the other person said.  it’s about this infantile feeling of “wanting to be right,” even though rationally I don’t really give a shit about being right.  I just want everyone to be happy and chill the fuck out, yeah?  I get carried away sometimes.

My significant other told me something to the effect of, ‘thinking about the things of God is to think of peaceful thoughts; and the rest should be left alone.’  Not actively suppressed and repressed, but simply left alone like an impatient two year old child who will soon calm the fuck down

and, she’s absolutely right.  i love you very much…

i seldom think that i’ the right person for you… we’re so different, y’know.  (or maybe not, and I just perceive it as such?)

yet it is said that opposites attract…

… but of course, the bloke who said that may not know what the fuck they’re talking about either


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