she was the greatest person ever

i’d still write ‘you were an amazing person but sometimes you’re so ducking annoying’ on the obit for the lulz. idgaf

thursday! you know what that means…

it’s time to get paid

something to tell


I often read obituaries.

You may think it morbid but to me, it is a way of finding out what a person was like through the eyes and minds of those left behind. I often wondered how true their words were and how much of it was edited so as to be polite.  And nice. People like to be nice.  And polite. They like that too.  Or seen to be at least!

It seems like death is everywhere at the moment; quite like the quiet winter we are currently going through in London.  So plenty of obituaries to read, to find out, to discover but more importantly to reflect.  I may not care too much about being polite, or nice for that matter, but I do care about reflection.  It’s an important past-time for me, like daydreaming. But that too is reflection.

So in my reflection I was thinking wouldn’t…

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