A certain amount of… level-headedness is required for me to survive the day, I’m finding.  By level, I mean that I sometimes need to reference my current state of consciousness against some sort of standard.  Lately, my current model of what is ‘standard behavior’ for a respectable citizen of Western society is kind of… skewed in interesting ways, so I refer to others not more then before.

Role models.  Like, what would you children say about you at your funeral?  (Oh, Dad was a pretty f’d up character… but even more lovable, really.). I wouldn’t mind that.  Nobody’s perfect, after all.

What was the saying again?  Art reflecting reality, or vice versa?  If such is the case, then I wonder what my tastes in adult films must say.  That, and the Family Guy skit where Peter was on Ecstasy.  lol.

‘haaa… how you doing that?  How you doing that?’. roflmfao.  and i’m not even fat… xddddd

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