keep it real

It’s nice to have one’s thoughts and feelings validated in a (virtual) space like WordPress.  Sometimes though, I find myself looking at the ‘stats’ part and wonder, “what can I do to attract more eyeballs?”

Not that it’s inherently bad to attract attention to one’s self.  But… I sometimes have to remind myself that it’s about writing something meaningful, that makes our limited time on earth happier and more… productive to whatever aims we adore towards.

In other news…

At work, trying to make the most of this wonderful opportunity.  It’s wonderful from a long term perspective, and I’ll tell you why.

I’ve been rather… for lack of a better term, lonely.  This is the kind of getting that only friends with similar interests can fulfill, not necessarily one rooted in romantic desire or blood ties.  The people that I work with, in this sense, are kindred spirits.  They kinda get me, and I understand them as well.  Similar culture and all.  Always used to feel like an alien wherever I went.  Now, feels like home.

And using internet live streaming… not to mention being able to pay back student loans, people I owe and tip more rappers on the street wearing supervillain masks (Ghetto Vader, I’m looking at you)… things are looking up, so far.

I’ll try my best not to fuck this up.

(ghetto Vader rolling blunts, son I left you one on teh table)


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