Sam vs. The Angry Chicken

I’m gonna tell my daughter this story tonight, lel.

Sam O. Bscure

Heyo, happy Monday! Oh man, I do love Monday.

About as much as I love spiders, snakes, and the smell of dog vomit in the morning.

If you have a somewhat dependable memory, you might recall that in one of my previous posts, Sam vs. The Liebster Award, I mentioned that I had written a story as a small child about an angry chicken. If you do not have a dependable memory or for some strange reason that I cannot even imagine did not read that post, you do not know what I’m referring to. But, lucky for you, I’ve inserted a link here for your convenience. You’re quite welcome.

Anyway, in a strange turn of events, while I was cleaning my room (that in itself is a very strange and rare event) I actually found the notebook with the story. I also found the carcass of some sort of…

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