so what you want?

astrology time!

I just can’t help but remain fixated on Saturn.  Shiny rings… like the back of that CD I got from some bloke @ the Times Square square train station.  El Vate, aka Walter Penaranda.  Smooth hip-hop beats circa 2007?  mixed wif his flute playing… really soothing stuff.

Now, in the pursuit of talking to random strangers on the internets, I realized that (really more out of necessity than anything else) my spending habits have gotten a little better.  Which isn’t really saying much.

The next few days will have me living off a budget, which is something that I’ve kinda sorta tried off and on but never really stuck to.  Like, bare essential living stuff.  Because I can’t eat a new Android tablet when I get hungry (which is a good thing, because I would’ve inhaled it some time ago!)

Saturn, limitations.

It’s hard to come up with something meaningful to say because I skipped lunch.  So I’m not going to.  I’m just going to sleep once I get home…

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