For the sake of leaving work at a decent hour each evening, I had to give up visiting my psychologist every week.  I’m sure we’ll keep in touch, though.  She has the most beautiful smile that I have not seen in a decade or so.  I really do love her.

Today, I took a 25mg dose of Zoloft, just to remember what it was like.  I remember my appetite spiking a lot, but I also remember the area around my liver feeling a bit… off.  But from an emotional standpoint, I remember being able to step back a little and put certain things into perspective.

A place of my own.  I NEED a place of my own.  Well, not need, but it would be most helpful to my psyche.  But to do so, I need to improve my earning potential.  Hence, the CCNA course I take each Friday.  Would be nice to work as one of those field technicians making at least 60K starting.  Would be decent enough to bootstrap done business models I had in mind.

Tricknology is a term I heard by a rapper named ‘Jeru the Damaja’.  While I tend away from patronizing people with homophobic complexes, his song ‘Revenge of the Prophet’ was a really nice one about how hard it is for knowledge to overcome ignorance.  Being exposed to the kind of people I meet at work (and indirectly, the things I must do to maintain said employment), I have learned a lot about people and about life. 

That said, I wish everyone the best.  Even those gunning for me.  I really mean it.  There’s so much else I want to say, but I think the Zoloft is kicking in.  sorry.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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