Perhaps it’s those Volume XXX Etsomnia posts that have me thinking about writing edgy posts, haha.

and watching edgy videos.  as a matter of fact, don’t watch it as it kills brain cells.

ayy lmao

For some reason, the song ‘Virgin’ by Perfume Tree came to memory.  I really loved that song for how expressive the singers were.  I think of Mother Earth when I hear it.  To be loved, cherished and defended to the death.

But, to be a virgin… what does that mean?  To be new to many of the experiences life has to offer, I’d imagine.  In a sense, there is much virgin territory of the psyche to be explored, every day a chance to experience something new.

This week has come and went like a whirlwind.  I am having lots of fun at work, imagine that!  Who the fuck thought you could have fun at work?  Well, I did.  xddddd.

Today I’m trying a new frame of thought; that of being content with having just enough, and not seeking happiness from external sources (a.k.a., buying shit I don’t need.)  Besides, I need to save up for my daughter’s education and all that fun stuff.

Oh, and that Japanese exhibit @ the Children’s Museum of Manhattan too.

have a happy weekend, everyone!

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