MOM GET THE CAMERA (the 500hot1me edition)

It’s Monday. Felt like years have gone by this weekend, just me and tinkering with a bunch of computer hardware; trying to host my own Internet talk show on a budget.

Am I close? I think so. Just gotta trade out this old router for a less dusty old one that should theoretically improve my upload speed by 500%, from 5 Mbps to 25!

Should work. If not, then… idk.

Today’s goal is to execute a flawless ‘livestream’. What is a livestream, you may ask? It’s where I get to showcase yeggy as my alter ego LIVE all across the world on the internet!

wot? you say that hand puppets are infantile? Have you ever seen an episode of Greg the Bunny before?

u fucking wot m9? <– m8 (mate) + 1.  look how funny i am, haha

:sigh:  that job had me losing my mind.  feels like I’m getting it back.



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