Torus Trooper



Transcript:  A beautifully made fusion of a shooting game with racing elements to it.  I’m really tired and lazy today, so I’ll just copypasta the description off his page:

How to play:

Drive a ship forward and destroy enemies. When time runs out, game is over.

Remaining time is displayed at the left up corner. Remaining time varies according to events:

  • Ship was destroyed(-15 sec.)  Your ship is destroyed when it is hit by a bullet.
  • Bonus time(+15 sec.)  You can earn bonus time when you reach a certain score. The point you have to get is displayed at the right up corner.
  • Destroy the boss(+30 or 45 sec.)  The boss enemies appear when you destroy or overtake a certain number(displayed at the left down corner) of enemies, and you can earn bonus time by destroying them.

It’s really fun!  A must play.

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