resistance destroyer

Resistance Destroyer

for some reason, I tend to feel like it’s important to get things done right the first time… and to take it personal if I don’t.  part of the rationale is to not waste time (as the only thing promised to us seems to be death), but the other part?  maybe something to do with self-image.  like, i’d be less of a person if the desired result doesn’t occur.

the past few days had me really thinking about the importance of some entrepreneurial projects that I once never dared to question the importance of, because, well, I was so obsessed with the outcome of a level of financial independence that I couldn’t see anything else.  those projects, by their nature, didn’t have importance to anyone else either.  they were literally games that people could most definitively live without.

i’m glad that I had the opportunity to flesh out many of the possibilities, though I know of a few people that would say that it was all just wasted time.  of course, they won’t get that chance ‘cuz I won’t bother to tell them! 😉


The importance of family and friends, the ones that I say that I love.  Survival is a continuous theme that I suppose can never really be ‘solved’, just maintained to varying degrees.  But what about other things?  What do I consider to be ‘a good life?’

Feels like I’m just babbling, which makes sense ‘cuz I just woke up.

There are things that I need to do today.  Such as, to maybe seek another internship and hop back to the unemployment line.  And talking to people whose lives I’d like to emulate…


It was just a week ago that I was let go from where I worked.  Reminds me of how I felt when being let go from the place I worked before.  I don’t consider myself to be ‘too good’ for any particular line of work (at least, I hope that’s how I am!), yet… sometimes, you can’t help but feel like there is something better out there that doesn’t ‘feel’ like work in the traditional sense of the word.

What eludes me right now is the ‘how’… I mean, interning got me to a point that exceeded my expectations… idk.  maybe having breakfast will help!



3 thoughts on “resistance destroyer”

  1. You sound like my son about the job. —– you can’t help but feel like there is something better out there that doesn’t ‘feel’ like work in the traditional sense of the word. —–. He wants a job that doesn’t feel like one and one that he can actually enjoy going to. He is temping now, but not finding the perfect job so he hops around. I can’t begin to count the amount of jobs he has had and he is only 27.


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