when i was a child… (a stream of consciousness retrospective)

much of what i remembered about my childhood centered around video games.  the rest was a blur.  i remember learning stuff in school, playing the piano @ elementary and eventually at church, remember the major Microsoft Windows releases because the video game emulators worked best on that OS.  but not much more.

the military taught me a different way of life.  barebones, basic.  efficient, a cog in a well oiled machine.  but also independent, too.

college… had me stretching the limits of reality.  met the beautiful lady who was to have my child.  a bachelor’s degree i don’t really give a shit about, only did it to appease those around me.

the working world.  ‘specially those night shifts.  worked to just maintain.  tried saving up a little bit for those ventures I thought would help get me to a place of financial independence.  those ventures, never quite amounting to what I had perceived them to be in my mind.  those ventures, perceived to be purely self-serving and at the expense of those whom I loved.

ahh, you can’t please everyone.  but I had hoped to prove them wrong, for everything to work out as I had hoped and to say, ‘see?  i told ya.’

in retrospect, i’m happy that everything turned out the way it did.

life ain’t perfect… the sooner I can accept that, the sooner I can work on improvements.

originally, this website was gonna be half-blog, half video game ‘ish.  but video games (unless it’s one of those DIY role playing games) don’t really appeal to me like they used to.  at least, most of them.  so i guess it’s gonna be full blogging, for now.



3 thoughts on “when i was a child… (a stream of consciousness retrospective)”

  1. I have a degree to………………………………………………………………………………that’s it. (LOL) I’m not so much proud of “it”, I am more so proud of the work that I put into it. (Associate of Arts) Business Management. I was going for my Bachelor’s and then Masters, but then I realized, I was trying to catch up with my older sisters’ paces of life. Bachelor’s maybe later…….maybe.


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