ask a bloke!®

So… considering that it is an internship of sorts that I am looking for right now (a job, better yet; I’ve got a daughter to take care of, after all!), and my interpersonal skills kind of suck, I humbly announce my side business titled:  ‘ask a bloke!’®.  Joking about the copyright stuff (creative commons for life!), but not about the idea.

What is ‘ask a bloke!’®, you ask?  No, you did not ask?  Well, shut the fuck up and listen anyway.  It’s basically where I give random* people IT advice and fix their computers on request!  yay! 

* = random, meaning, people who are looking for specific computer services on places like craigslist and other sites like that.

Here’s the best part.  With the exception of the cost of parts, it will all be for free!  wut~?

yesh, for free… at least, as far as money goes.  unless people would like to donate, in which case I would not refuse.  The only thing that I would ask is whether or not we could network on a professional level, or give a good word to someone who might be able to help me find work.

Much of this was inspired by that ‘go giver’ book I read last week, asking other things.

let me know how bad that sounds.  🙂

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