tohoku evolved

‘you must evolve or die…’

there really is no time like the present.

If there was a musical group that defined the last nine years of my life, it would be Stereolab.  Unconventional musical meters (especially 7/4 time signatures), existential lyrics that speak of generational changes… they seemed to be the astrological essence of Ouranos, distilled in sound wave format.

Looking to the future…

… and looking for work from without.  Looking to different companies, individuals to trust me enough to pay my family’s rent.  And then, those companies… the government of the United States… where did they start from?  Three hundred years ago, the U.S. as we know it did not exist.  It was the collective yearnings of individuals who saw an alternative reality than the one they had been given by others who essentially did the same, born out of ideas about how life should be.  Looking within, at their strengths, they saw what they were capable of doing and acted upon it not knowing whether or not it would be successful or not.  But they did it anyway.

Maybe some people saw the future, their destinies, as being inevitable.  Some saw it come to fruition, others got more than they asked for, and still others failed.  And time, whatever you perceive it to be, slowly ticks by.

I remember marking time by the moons.  Planning things by 13 month years.  I took light of it, but it was a powerful lesson in retrospect.

Conversely, the past two and a half months working where I did went by rather quickly.

Anyhow, my time posting this blog entry is now up.  Now it’s time to exercise and play Dance Dance Revolution so as to shake the winter from my bones!


one of my favorite songs: and no, i can’t play like that bloke.


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