life in monochrome (the resume writing blues)

so I asked a military friend if it’s okay to put #rekt in a resume. He said, no, not in 10, 15 or even 40 years. I told him that I hope he gets rekt. Then I asked him, ‘how can I make a resume that’s edgy?’ He told me to use Hello Kitty stationery and attach some weed in the cover letter. lol.

So now I’m considering using Hello Kitty stationery for my resume. SRSLY.

: here comes my rant about resumes after the break ~ if you don’t want to hear it, you can stop reading right now and listen to this wonderful song that I adore. :

the so-called classic resume is so f-ing monochrome and does NOT adequately represent who I am.  If anything, I’m more like this:


you know?  all lsd-drippy like.  And I would like a professional document that represents myself to not be ignored because I use relevant cultural references for my generation.  My experience should speak for itself.  I think it does.

Besides (based off my personal experience), hiring someone is a bit more than just what you can do for the person, i.e. qualifications and all.  In most cases, you are a part of a team, and much of the organization’s success hinges on whether or not the team can pull through together.  Among other things, of course.

Not to mention, thanks to various psychoactive substances, I’ve seen enough frontiers of the human psyche (many which have stretched the limits of my sanity) to warrant the right to not act in a certain way simply because ‘that’s the way it’s always been done.’  Granted, there are some merits to playing it safe when it comes to certain things… but in the case of a resume, think of a graphic designer who doesn’t use graphics in their resume.  And I consider myself and my work to being closer to that of an artist in training, though it may not be readily apparent in my working & educational history.  hence, the need to be ‘edgy.’

: end of rant:

phew!  just had to get that off my chest.

I’m trying to get into a habit of making a daily log of stuff that I do during the day, so as to gauge how ‘productive’ I am (or am not.)

Today so far?

  • Took a shower (may not seem like much to you, but…) xddddd
  • Exercised by playing Dance Dance Revolution songs (especially custom ones that use Vocaloids!)
  • Copypasta’d multiple resumes between 0900 – in progress, now paring it down into a coherent one.
  • Had lunch.

That’s it for now.  I was gonna do laundry today, but this resume stuff has me glued to the couch.  damn.

Got a letter from the unemployment office yesterday, so I have about a six month grace period before I can truly sink myself into the depths of despair.  lol jk.  I thank God for keeping me and my family.  I don’t usually give shoutouts to God, but the past few months have been really challenging on a mental and emotional level.  Specifically, time management…

2 thoughts on “life in monochrome (the resume writing blues)”

  1. I hate resumes. I wrote them for other people for pay for a while. I am not happy with my son’s resume, but surprise that is none of my business. LOL! Good luck with the job hunt.


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