God, the fair-weather friend. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Been playing a game on the phone called ‘Terra Battle’, and the storyline is quite interesting.  Reached the part where the party finds their way onto a massive ship that takes them to outer space, and… it’s pretty cool.  But I digress.

It is said that we are made in the likeness of God (or the divine, or whatever you wish to call it.)  As such, our actions are supposedly a reflection of divine essence.  Now, thinking ahead to a point where my seed will grow to be my age, what actions would I like to see manifested in this world?  Hopefully, those which seek to maintain a peaceful harmony among all living things.  Meaning, to not only seek the divine when things are bad, but also to maintain such an environment that promotes positivity, long life and happiness for all within its’ range.

A constant danger that I feel pressing on my life is one of being complacent about things.  Sedated, or dare I say it… opiated.  To have your world crashing down all around you, but feeling numb due to the rush of false endorphins and neurotransmitters hitting your system wave after wave, temporarily casting one’s cares into the river of Lethe.  Such is my weakness.

Having experiences the highs and lows of such a state, I feel stronger as a result.  However, I wonder… would I have been better without having experiences those states of mind?  Of course, this isn’t just limited to… that.  There are many things in this world that, looking at it from my fourth chakra, I’d consider to be neutral in energy.  It’s almost maddening, having gone from a mindset of immutable definitions to ever shifting chaos theorems that stretch the limits of imagination and sanity.

However, there are certain things that I know (at least for now) that I’d rather stick to my guns with.  Like, ‘thou shalt not kill.’  Self defense is quite another story, but… the vision of Binah, of sorrow, is too much for me to bear.  I can’t do it; I’d rather take my own life.  Or, being mean to people.  Or judging others.  I’ve had a history of doing that, quite unnecessarily.  Killed relationships that had much promise.  I always need to be mindful of that.  I don’t know why I started in the first place.  It’s just sad.

Moving from a place of being a mindless consumer of life energy towards that of being a mindful creator, knowing that future generations will thrive as a result… just as 9/11’s mantra was to never forget, so is my meditation to at least attempt to not forget what kind of future we would like to see not only for ourselves but also for our offspring.  Lest we forget, and mount heavy casualties reactively (rather than proactively) invoking our divine essence.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”


One thought on “God, the fair-weather friend. (Jeremiah 29:11)”

  1. Love the book of Jeremiah! Your blogs are making me think too much at this hour…..necessarily so. I can’t sleep anyways. Thinking about people. We all have souls, yet for some reason, we treat each other like we do not have them…..like we can’t feel. I pray to God I raise my son to love with all of his heart. I have gone through just about every emotion, anger…sadness, confusion, resentment (in one day) I would like to seriously place blame, but I am trying to hold to my personal convictions……I don’t understand human beings most of the time, and to think…God called me to the missions field…..That’s my life, as imperfect as I am….(I curse to…..I’ve been trying to cut back) I picked up these habits, this year, on my 30th birthday. It seems like everything crazy in life started happening at the age I am at now. I don’t know if whether or not I should just roll with it, or if I should have some slight concerns, or chalk it all up into my testimony……or all of the above…I am pretty sure that repentance is due, but I do not want to lie to the Lord. I know that whatever I am traversing through, is not over yet. I just spoke my “human”. I’m okay with that. And I am still Blessed…………….LIFE……


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