hyper\real fiction 3: adult entertainment (or, descent to the first chakra.)

It’s all fun and games ’til the prolactin kicks in.

Makes you feel… off center.  Then the serious questions come.

‘All of that energy expended… how am I to recover?’

Was I… good?

Questions of bringing now life into the world… or wasted efforts leading to fights, headaches and empty pockets.

Electrical paths burned into one’s amygdala; a place just isn’t a ‘place’, anymore.  It’s a memory, where that thing happened.

That thing which brought us all here.  Which connects us all together.  Which could connect that person of the opposite sex sitting right in front of you on the bus, thoughts transmitted through pheromones.


Concentrated energy, dissipated into the aether of the world.  Now you are one with the basic vibrations of the earth.  Life, death, you being what you eat… you are very vulnerable, now.

Take care, for there is much potential in this state of being.  Make those memories things to smile about…

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