I am Not Me

Beautiful Life with Cancer

Fashion waxes and wanes, the memories of trends captured in pictures. Pictures taken from a camera, not a phone. The comfort of childhood clothes, a closet full of my profession, maternity pants, weight gained and weight lost. My dress is admired or my outfit is sloppy. The daily additions and cancelations, I take them off and I put them on. The differences because of a choice of clothes that people see in me.

The mirror tells the truth of lines that once were not there. My grandmother in heaven is remembered by her voice calling out my young pudgy tummy. Baby fat now carries a new meaning. My tattoos are scars, they each have a story. Some written and shared, others written on my heart. This body grows and this body changes. Memories of who I used to be. Simple things accomplished that now can not be repeated. I just…

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