persistence of memory

Visited the local arcade today, just to see how it was doing.  It was quite well, thankfully.  Grabbed me a copy of ‘Under-Night In Birth:  Exe Late’ just to try it out over there.  And some other old favorites.  The owner looked well; tired because of yesterday’s livestream, but generally in good spirits.  Quite a few out-of-towners showed up; most notably two blokes from Japan who spoke better English than me!

Got work to do, but today was not the day for ‘typical’ work.  Tomorrow or something.  I’m pretty burned out… heard some ladies in a store talk about vacation, and I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been on vacation for some years now.  Just non-stop drama that has only recently held up.

Having my own place really gives me a special peace of mind that goes beyond words.  I’d like to thank everyone who have helped me get here!

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