Ahmet and His Adventures in The Village

Seeing the face of a child like that, and then reading his story is quite mesmerizing…

Don’t really remember what life was like at that age. School was my life, I guess. Meeting lots of cool friends that were into the same kind of TV shows like Power Rangers and all…

IMG_9648This is Ahmet. I’ve met him 4 years ago. Year after beginning of my photography adventure. Ahmet is son of Ramazan. You’ve met him already. Ahmet was 2 years old when I met him. I can describe him as a happy and sensitive child. IMG_9612Ahmet adores tractors, cars, any vehicle with an engine. He often goes to farms with his father with the tractor, because her mother also works in the fields and farms. As I can see, he is little bit afraid of his mother, because she often beats him. Ahmet can be really nasty, but in general, he is very nice and happy child.

IMG_9644The day I took his pictures, It was a special day, festive of Ramadan. He had beautiful clothes, but then he was being nasty and he felt down. His forehead was bleeding, all his clothes got dirt on them. So her mother was…

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