Parents ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ˜Š

it’s pretty crazy that it takes so long to realize exactly what it was parents were talking about.

Wonder Of My Worlds

I am not a parent but I know for certain that my parents have always put me first. There was never a day where I thought โ€œI have bad parentsโ€ because they always worked hard to give me the best life that they could. When I read this quote, I thought about the many times my mom was worried about me for forgetting to call. I never understood why other than saying she was โ€œa psychoโ€ and the only answer I was given was โ€œwhen youโ€™re a mother, youโ€™ll understandโ€ but with 27 years behind me now, I understand. I donโ€™t know if Iโ€™ll ever have children but I am forever built to love another unconditionally and with all that I am just by the love I have been given by both my mother and my father. xx

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