When Life Gives You Chaotic Lemons…

sam is back! xd

Sam O. Bscure

unnamed (13)

Sometimes life can be overwhelming.

Of course, I don’t need to tell any of you this. You know it more than well enough for yourselves. There’s virtually constant pressure coming at us from all sides, and it can be challenging to stop yourself from caving in to it.

But, the amazing part is that you’re all still here. Despite how out of control it might seem, despite the fact that you might feel as though you aren’t keeping up, despite the amount of things going wrong, you are still here.

And that means you’re still doing great.

So, maybe you aren’t holding yourself together perfectly. It doesn’t matter, because you’re boring when you’re perfect. We all need to fall apart at some point.

And maybe you’ve begun battling your demons again. Don’t you worry. You’ve beat them before, you can do it again. I believe in you.

And if you’re…

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