free blunts for er’body – day 1

disclaimer – this is only a story, k?  so fuck off

Day 1

The last day of final exams for the last semester of college. Just finished the last one. I do not want this evening to pass me by while in a sober state of consciousness.

I want to visit an alternate universe today…

I visit my dealer, D, who hooks me up with a strain of this purple bud. ‘To celebrate your initiation into the regular world’, D says, ‘you get half off today. Now fuck off’

D had to go, had to return his parents’ car. So it’s just me and a 8th out in the blazing concrete jungle of New York City. Too fucking hot, so I decide to head back to the dorms.

Just finished a degree in something I really didn’t give a fuck about. Doesn’t matter the name, it’s the principle that counts. What principle? That of using your time in the best possible manner, whatever that means to you. As for me? A roof over my head, broadband internet fast enough to stream 4K porn and basic utilities and I’m straight. Some quiet time and space to smoke my weed as well, of course.

Bought some hemp paper at the store, a small lighter and hightailed it back to the dorm. yay! rolled two blunts (you never know when the second will come in handy), and promptly lit one. And hit it, and hit it again. 10/10 it’s ok.

Wasn’t sure what to expect this time. When I first started smoking, it was very much a physical sensation I was looking for, similar to drinking alcohol.

Psychedelics helped me understand myself in such intuitive and strange ways… and others as well. Freeing your mind from old tired concepts, to think outside the box and all that fun stuff. And considering that the people I look up to seemed to have been helped by drugs (if they didn’t die in the process), it’s worth a shot… right?

to be continued… jejejejeje

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