Learning To Slow Down

it just so happened that my meditation for yesterday was to improve quality of life. excellent post… ^^


Patience Can Be Theatrical

Here in the States, there is a commercial on TV that shows people yelling “It’s my money, I want it now.” If only it was that simple. Instant gratification seems to be taking the land by storm. Remember when we only had “snail mail” and it took a week to get a reply from a letter? Then email showed up and we could get a same day delivery. Then came texting and the dreaded question of “Why won’t you respond? I sent you a text 30 seconds ago.” Yep, we expect quicker results. Quality is sub-standardized now. And why not, everything is disposable. Why should quality matter? I can just go buy a new one if the old one breaks. Right? Would that apply to the safety harness that your son or daughter is wearing? Suddenly quality comes back into light.

I have worked hard on slowing down. My whole childhood…

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