free blunts for er’body – day 2 (1200hrs) – slum tourism

disclaimer:  this is only fiction, so fuck off

brighton beach, brooklyn.  4$ lamb gyro, the best.  narrow alleys where i’d be on the nod, on opium.

russian neighborhood.  different vibe, that of not actually being in new york.  maybe like being in Kiev, Ukraine?

where I am once again on the nod, of the finest brown latex alkaloids ever to grace the planet.  in some vacation rental craigslist ad, 25$ a night.

Opiates always had such a pull on my life.  Have you tried Morphine sulfate 30mg?  ‘scuse me while I kiss teh sky

A temporary heart salve is what I considered it.  Very… unique.  I got a few friends that do heroin.  Hope they kick the habit.

Percocet helped me manage the shitty work environment with a lovely smile.  How can you hate talking to irate clients when your physical body is feeling like the coming of Apollo and Venus?

there’s a fucking rat in my room.  but it’s okay, since i’m on the top bunk.

I gave a man an incense stick with some hashish wrapped in hemp paper around the top of it.  It wasn’t much, but it started the beginning of the “free blunts for er’body!” project I had in mind.

see, it works like this.

It’s like those crazy LSD blokes who wanted to dose the water system, but instead it’s free weed in inexpensive incense!  say wut?

i wasn’t the only one.

the saga continues…

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