How to Be a better blogger: 10 Helpful Tips

reblogging does wonders for your stats, and helps introduce new peopple to the blogs of others.

learned that from you, thx. ^^

Life of Mon

1544089801_948c53cc17_o Image Credit: Creative Commons HQ

Have you started a new blog on WordPress and want to know how to get more seasoned readers? Well, I have some tips for you! 🙂

Blogging helps you to practice writing; writing is important to connect with people. And blogging can be done just from the comfort of your home (if you prefer ;)).

Writing is an art to touch people and to relate to people. I have met more people I can connect with while blogging than in real life! The internet is a vast place. You may be a teen who loves knitting designs and you will find more of these people online than where you are 😀

Over the past 2 months (Yes, that’s how long I’ve been blogging) I have received over 2600 views, 1400 likes and 600 comments. I think that’s enough for me to give advice on blogging…

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