Accept And Be Happy

reading through the blogs of others really helps, seeing that you are not alone in terms of handling life’s varied scenarios.



What makes us happy? For me, I love resurrecting old engines. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I also like to watch others learn and grow. This may be a military thing, but I love when my protégés take on the lessons that I teach them and develop into leaders for others. I can only speak for myself when it comes to happiness. Another person’s happiness may be my unhappiness. So for me, Progress and growth is what makes me happy. When things get stagnant I get uneasy. This is why I had to learn to be patient. I had to learn to pace myself. I use to say, “There should only be one pace, my pace.” Wow, was I foolish in thinking that.

There is more than one way to make chili. Believe it or not, my chili recipe may differ from yours. In fact there are over 1000 varieties of…

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