free blunts for er’body! – day 2: operation “slum tourism” complete , 20:00 hours EST

Touristslocation:  harlem, new yawk

Life got a lot simpler in some ways, and VASTLY more complicated in other ways. On the positive side, everyone seems to be way more willing to help you out when you give them free blunts.

‘Dude, you wanna drive my car tonight? I’m not using it, and I trust you. You’re like the soul brother I never knew I had…’

and so it went.

Sometimes it didn’t work so well for those who relied on controlled substances to put food on their plate. In short, I was a threat. But when you pull in enough bread to buy a pre-owned Honda Civic each month, why should you care that I’m throwimg around a few g’s (grams, that is) at people a month? Mutha f’ers just greedy, yo.

‘Quiet money’ is what AZ the rapper used to say.  You gotta know who to say certain things to, or not. People can be nosy and need to mind their own business before they go and waste people’s precious time, both mine and theirs. Or more accurately, my time. My motto is ‘fuck off’

The day in the slums was quite profitable. Was able to subcontract a few deals there allowing for my ‘organization’ to take care of their network, website presence and electronic accountimg systems ALL at dirt cheap prices. In this economy, you gotta do it all.

And the best part was, it all started with giving away some incense! Well, how about that.

the lsd was starting to kick in.  i had to go lay down somewhere and chill.  last time i freaked out so hard, it took benzos, morphine and the book ‘Narcopolis’ by Jeet Thayil to help me ride out the rest of the experience…

The saga continues…

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