neo mafia era 20XX

disclaimer:  fuck off (joking lel)

this week has been a long one, involving really long term shifts of thought.  Such as, working towards being accepted for who I am accepting who I am, and trying to be the most helpful and responsible adult that I can be.

having said that,

I feel like I just dropped into the proverbial rabbit hole of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as far as art goes.  The trigger?


the last boss in Final Fantasy V was giving me a hard time.  Then I fell into deep contemplation as Neo-Exdeath was charging up the special ‘Almagest’ attack which spells instant death on everyone (unless you cast ‘Shell/Magic Barrier’ & be at 75% health OR be at an absurdly high level anyway.)  The background looked like something in a demoscene

does anyone remember when kool g rap dropped that ‘on the run’ video?

i don’t.  learned about it from some irish bloke in college.


hello, everyone!

why the title?

neo = neo-exdeath

mafia = the music I used to listen to exclusively for a while in 2011 like this

era = i’ve been on this earth almost as long as it takes for Saturn to orbit the sun once…

20XX = Megaman!  used to watch the show and play the game as a young lad.  Then Dragon Ball Z – Budokai came out, and then Mega Man was ‘meh’

happy to be alive…

hope you are well.


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