I was reminded of the book by Ram Dass, ‘Be Here Now’, that I read some years ago. Focusing on breathing helps me get to that point of being here now…

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quote-about-when-you-try-to-control-everything-you-enjoy-nothing-live-in-the-momentLive in PRESENT …. That’s what most of the people say when u ask them how to stay happy .

What does that mean ? ….

Should i just stop stop thinking about what will i do after my graduation ?


Should i just stop thinking that how to give the presentation to the boss in office tomorrow ?

“Present becomes past and present a few moments before was future.”

The above line, read it aloud and think. Do this 3 times every Morning when you wake up. You will see the change in you & your way of perceiving things & situations.

Living in present means to do what ever you are doing in the best way as you can. Give your best shot. Also, sometimes it’s about performing & sometimes about preparing , so do both at your best. Example … Thinking of what i will do…

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