free blunts for er’body – day 4: ‘waterfalls’

disclaimer:  (it’s only a story, k?)  don’t go chasing waterfalls…



Almagest is the ultimate attack of Neo Exdeath in Final Fantasy V.  Usually it kills you if you don’t prepare for it.  Like being at a low level, or not curing your party (or raising Magic Defense) after getting hit ridiculously hard, or choosing the wrong jobs.

I chose the wrong jobs before.  Now, I think that I’m gonna make it.

I would be a storyteller, like in the tradition of Orson Welles, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and other far out blokes and sheilas.  (Though I fear what may result if my writings be taken too seriously.)  Or, like Usher once sang, ‘let it burn…’

it’s kinda weird how the ‘man’ keeps taking these stories of mine seriously, going on wild goose chases rather than spending their time (which you can’t get back) and energy catching real criminals.  there’s a disclaimer, for chrissake!


Anyway… if they get paid to follow me around, I really don’t care.  So long as everybody eats and nobody gets hurt over dumb ‘ish and outmoded ways of thinking, I don’t really care.  Maybe they’ll buy the book.


My son woke up today and said, ‘Father, where are we off to today?’ I didn’t fucking know.  Maybe we’d watch that new movie that haven’t released yet, DOPE, with A$AP Rocky.


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