free blunts for er’body — day 5: ‘cultus’

I am [not] a role model.  I just wanna see everybody eating and resting well, bare minimum.

‘Look!  What is he doing?!!’

‘I believe he is rolling a blunt, sir.’


It’s cool.  They’re on my payroll.

Haven’t you figured it out yet?  It’s not about the blunts.

It’s about family.

Do you have family?  Or belong to a certain culture?

I don’t have much of either.  Parents died in a car ‘accident.’  Tragic.  They tried to play me and put a price on my head for not giving them much of what I was making.  And I was making a lot!  But the crack cocaine and heroin changed them irreparably to shells of their former selves, doing whatever for another hit.  ‘Damned souls of the lower chakras,’ my Buddhist friend once said.  So another friend of mine (who has had her worser experiences with bad blood) took it upon herself to put an end to the situation.  I don’t know how I should feel.  What I do know is that it feels better than waking up an almost dead man each morning.

So much for family.

Culture is a very interesting concept, given the fact that we live in the age of ubiquitous Internet.  Or at least, within the more developed countries.  (A cousin of mine told me about how they got blazing fast 512 K (as in kilobits) for 40$ USD a month.  there’s still a long way to go!)  4chan.  reddit.  craigslist, before they took down the erotica section.  Bloggers on WordPress who send cyberhugs and words of hope to my daily feed… people who I have chosen to be my daily inspiration.  These are the people whom I pledge allegiance to.

And so, the line of culture and family blends seamlessly for me.

The saga continues…


next episode –

I call my uncle in the Bronx.

‘Hey, how’s it going?’

‘Everything’s alright, but something weird happened last night.’

‘like wot?’

‘Somebody pried the car window open.’

‘Did they take anything?’

‘Nah.  But what puzzles me is why someone would bother to poke around a shitty Datsun?’

I think I knew…


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