Marvelous Monday

Monday is even more marvelous thanks to this blog.



Marvelous Monday

Welcome to Monday. It’s back to the grind stone. The fun is over and now starts the work, all over again.

Seriously, It’s Monday a start to another week of kicking tails and taking names. This is MY day. Step up to the plate and let me “learn you somethin’ “. Our approach is everything. Our attitude is everything. It sets the pace and the tempo. Our attitude decides if we are having a good day or a great day. Telling ourselves that we have to go back to the grindstone is so depressive. Instead try embracing your work and start loving it. I don’t care it you wash cars for a living. Be happy you have a job. In fact, be the happiest person washing cars. Maybe you are in lawn care, and you have 20 lawns to do. You have the opportunity to sculpt 20 lawns into your…

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