sour soul


when life throws you lemons… you’ve heard the saying before, right?  make lemonade.

Or open up a psychologist stand and charge .05$.  You’d earn a decent living, either way (depending where you live…)

sometimes it helps to be reminded, y’know?

we were all young once, making the same mistakes over and over.  but eventually, we learned.

Turning our sour situations into fine wine… or at least Fernet-Branca straight out the bottle.

okay, maybe something a bit healthier…

… like V8 infused water!  Had the Black Cherry Pomegranate variety today, which is awesome.


Ghostface Killah teamed up with a jazz outfit called BADBADNOTGOOD and made a track called ‘Sour Soul.’ It is phenomenal and it seems to define me somewhat.

‘don’t feel, i’m comfortably numb, Stapleton slum’

hide your kids, hide your wife.  It IS Ghostface, after all.


P.S.:  That electric guitar reminds me of Hooverphonic and Portishead very much…


Take care, everyone!



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