Who is your Favorite Actor / Actress you will like to date ?


Who is Your Current Crush ?

homsar, Captain of the Gravy Train

Who is your Favorite blogger whose post you can’t skip ?

What would you ask if god agrees to grant you three wishes of your choice ?

Universal health, wealth and happiness.

Explain about you as a blogger, your aim to blog , are you satisfied with it ?

I get frustrated that I can’t get everything I’d want on the site fast enough. But the longer I keep a practice of writing and reading blogs, the easier it becomes especially when you see a bunch of stars from other WordPress users next to a post you worked hard on. It means a lot.

I nominate… ehh, anyone who’s interested in doing it. ^^

live smile help

I was thinking from past week to do some thing new for my dear friends here & suddenly an idea stricken to me that lets have a different award than usual with different rules.

tcacaSo here is the name of the Award : The Chocolate & Coffee Award  

Rules are :

  1.  NO Copying of image.
  2. Simple Rules. Those who have a busy life can reply in the comment Section with their answers & they don’t have to post separately.
  3. Also if someone likes it so much then he/she can make a separate post & use these images and nominate as many people they want.
  4. If you want to prepare a separate post then people who will post a picture clicked by them of chocolate & coffee will be taken as most serious & utmost gesture.
  5. There are 5 questions you need to answer:
  • Who is your Favorite Actor / Actress you…

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