everybody to the limit! (come on fhqwhgads)

yesterday had me feeling rather low on energy.  different environment, maybe?  it was rather striking.


not to get into explicit details, but…

whenever I feel kinda low on energy, music tends to cheer me right up.  my version of marching powder, i guess…

so on my desktop compy, I downloaded Stepmania (a Dance Dance Revolution PC simulator) and some of my favorite mixes from the Zenius-I-Vanisher website; particularly, the X360 Universe series & the post-2005? official Japanese arcade releases.  When I was on Zoloft, I used to feel shitty and wished that it would all run through my system quicker… and so, dancing to music helped not only my mood improve, but also opened up my physical and spiritual appetite for the best things of life.

(internal thoughts)

keeping up appearances?  idgaf.  sometimes.  wish it could be all the time…

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