phoenix down

I seem to have fallen behind in a lot of things lately, one of which has been the blogs that I have been following. 

I have been stressed the fuck out.

I am grateful for the people in my corner and the resources that I have access to, no doubt… but I am literally falling apart on a cellular level.

Just need to re-evaluate the way I’ve been handling life’s scenarios, to just be more proactive I guess. 

And maybe, to be less cynical…

Wishing you all well!


5 thoughts on “phoenix down”

    1. it’s a long story. mostly physical, not eating properly due to lack of appetite and vitamins.

      … and maybe, not really having an attitude of gratitude. ^^ being impatient for better things to come and all that!

      thanks for asking, I really had to think it through. 🙂

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