you are all worth knowing. ^^


We grew up only like a few miles apart/

But I took that deceit straight to the heart/

Where we start sometimes is where we end/

But then again I valued you as my friend/

How can you mend something completely dissociated/

I guess I didn’t know you…

I didn’t know your hatred/

For all I loved and kept sacred/

Who’d a knew you was on some fake shit/

Had me thinking like Liam in Taken/

How do you forgive the unforsaken/

I guess true actions a leave you awakened/

Still got me shaken thinking about our past results/

But that’s in the past and that’s lost hopes/

Humans are simple until it’s pain left to cope/

You can either let it go…

Or let it all sink in and soak/

Friends ain’t always friends just so you know/

But if you people you people and you already know/


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