Losing my Mind


I feel drum beats echoing
Like purposely trying to
Rile me up to a war within
Almost as if the demons
Are working on a special
Project to cause mayhem
The feeling of someone
Pulling the flesh in different
Directions; the right and left
The strings moving ruthlessly
As if wanting to tear apart
My mind literally to pieces
I can hear the silence waking
Raging and crashing against
My skull wanting an escape
As these unknowns rip apart
The mind I feel turning to haze
Of memories and nightmares
A speedy blur of abstracts
Comes and float away from
My Vision making it difficult to
Separate reality from illusions
Of the mind noise that is too
Loud drowning the outside
The clock hand seems fixated
On 12 a.m while I feel eternity
Pass within my soul and mind
As it churns and rattles and
I stare at the wall waiting…

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