grams part 2 – ‘see a key’


he was always cash poor, yet something about him was different from the others. like he saw that he didn’t need the cash.

As a child, he saw the way people acted around the blue monetary notes. Snorting some sort of baby powder? with them, it was weird. And then they’d become more animated, more lively afterwards. The first few moments were beautiful. Sometimes it’d get scary when there were not more blue notes to roll up. That’s when the glass pipes would come out like that scene in ‘new jack city’

so there was this girl who lived around the way who kept saying that ‘keys open doors.’ I thought she was just referring to that Clipse song. Then we started hanging out more. One thing led to another, and we found ourselves in a summer-long meadow of lust. She said that I was the first one that she really loved. Didn’t care about money and all that; she just wanted to take care of me, and that I love her unconditionally and all the Aquarian new-age tantra & philosophies that give life its’ sweet taste of ambrosia…

We moved in together.


One thing that I noticed from that point was that my friends were CONSTANTLY asking for her. I didn’t care if they were having sex with her; our relationship was that open, I guess. But I knew that we were destined to love each other in some shape or form over the course of our lives. Then one of my friends off-handedly told me, ‘one hit of that stuff that your girl is selling, I swear that it makes the pipe glow.’

I thought I saw him on TV for a undercover drug bust. dat crack

Now I was faced with something of a moral dilemma. I remember reading a newspaper article about some girl who was unknowingly moving keys for a South Korean company heiress that were worth hundreds of thousands of euros. I remembered how heavy those bags were that she had me carry to Colombia the last trip. The lush places we’ve been, and I’ve never really seen her working a typical ‘job.’ (#RICO_laws) She’d just be on the phone all the time, talking to this friend or the other. And then she’d get so quiet around me… I could never really get used to this.

But the luxuries, the way we make babies every time with fire and passion… I felt like that bloke in ‘Body Heat’, heart, mind & soul.

Guilty by association. The way we’d come together sometimes would seem so… sordid… yet, always right and beyond question & logic.


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