will work for food


a roof over my head (wif utilities) and sustenance for myself and my loved ones, and i’m good.  as a matter of fact, the roof isn’t really needed… a tent will do.

except for the warm summer nights, in which case we’ll sleep outside.  with a mosquito net…

been really trying a less stressful way of living.  it’s a scary thing to feel death drawing nearer.  Been getting more heart palpitations lately.  Aspirin is my best friend.  Can’t live the same active life I used to.  Thoughts more methodical, contemplative of what happens if I fail to live up to my dreams, both in positive and negative ways.  Thought about suicide this past Monday.  Can’t leave my daughter behind on this mortal coil, though, so no thanks.

don’t tolerate unnecessary drama anymore.  Let God deal with that.  I am for peace.

going back to the first point,

I am trying a different approach to life.  I will work for food (and other assorted favours XD), don’t really want money… per se.

I thank God for being alive.  And the Goddess Gaea, of course.

like sam cooke once said, ‘change gon’ come’

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