a brand you can trust

been out of the WordPress orbit for a while, been really… stressed.  and disillusioned.  among other things.

life has slowly been boiling down to the bare essentials, and a search for the elements that cause long lasting feelings of happiness.  Or something like that. 

To feel love.  yeah?

I used to search for it in things.  Been doing so for at least a decade now.  Before that?  Well, there were things that I took much pleasure in, but it wasn’t the main thing.

People, places, experiences, memories burned into the RNA of my cells.  Songs sung and danced to, books read, deja vu of phenomena that resonate with the heart.

The present experience of being alive with heart palpitations.  At least I’m not dead.  There is hope.

Arcade # 1775 will soon be coming to an end, replaced by something more heartfelt.  take care of yourselves.


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