with love (dot I/O)

ayy WordPress people.  This is to let you know that I’ve started a new blog, withlove.io, and will slowly transition from posting here to being over there.

The reason why I’ve chosen to do so is because… well, it’s complicated.  Let’s just say that it’s probably hard to take one’s words seriously when it’s backed by the word ‘arcade’, for one.  that’s just superficial, though.  fell in love with the domain name, and most importantly?

There are many things that my heart wants to say.  I’ve been really depressed and feeling rather nihilistic lately for many reasons.  I want to live for the sake of my daughter, but it’s hard.  It’s been hard on a really basic, fundamental level.  Disappointing so many people, meditations of war, heart palpitations and so forth.

I want to be happy.  I would like for everyone to be happy and live in harmony.  That’s why I feel that I should do this.

So again, the new website is http://withlove.io.  (Or alternatively, http://lovepowered.wordpress.com.)  Follow me if you wish.  Be well…

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